Performance - SPEED-ANALYSIS Factor

A JSON containing the speed analysis data from the website page based on its components (images, scripts, stylesheets, etc.) . The factor size get information of these components, whether it was gzipped, Expires header and so on. At the end the factor takes all the data about the actual page and generates a grade for each check, which produces the overall grade. If the website could not be loaded or the crawler could not generate the process due to external reasons, then returns null.

scoreDoubleOverall score based on all points inside the grades key.
stats_cacheObjectNumber of request and weight of components group by component type with primed cache.
imageObjectA Map containing information about the number of requests is necessary to load the website page and the total size in kb for all images.
rDoubleTotal number of requests for the source in kb.
wDoubleTotal source size in kb.
sizeDoubleWebsite page size in kb.
statsDoubleStats of each components inside the website page.
size_cacheDoublePage weight with primed cache.
load_timeDoubleTime to load all the sources from the actual website page.
requests_cacheDoubleNumber of requests with primed cache.
requestsDoubleTotal number of requests.
gradesObjectA map containing all the weight of each speed test for the current website page.
numreqDoubleScore for Make fewer HTTP Requests.
expiresDoubleScore for Add Expires headers.
jsbottomDoubleScore for Put JavaScript at bottom.
xhrDoubleScore for Make AJAX cacheable.
compressDoubleScore for Compress components with gzip.
faviconDoubleScore for Make favicon small and cacheable.
csstopDoubleScore for Put CSS at top.
dnsDoubleScore for Reduce DNS lookups.
mindomDoubleScore for Reduce the number of DOM elements.
cdnDoublescore for Use a Content Delivery Network(CDN).
cookiefreeDoubleScore for Use cookie-free domains.
emptysrcDoubleScore for Avoid empty src or href.
imgnoscaleDoubleScore for Do not scale images in HTML.
redirectsDoubleScore for Avoid URL redirects.
dupesDoubleScore for Remove duplicate JavasScript and CSS.
no404DoubleScore for Avoid HTTP 404 (Not Found) error.
xhrmethodDoubleScore for Use GET for AJAX requests.
mincookieDoubleScore for Reduce cookie size.
etagsDoubleScore for Configure entity tags (ETags).
execution_timeDoubleTime to execute the whole Speed Analysis process.