Off-site - GOOGLE-SOCIAL-PAGE Factor

A JSON containing the Google Plus social page data found on the given website. The Google Plus page, to be found, needs to be implemented inside the website HTML page. If any Google Plus page was found or the crawler could not open the same, then returns null.

nameStringThe Google Plus page name found.
image_profileStringThe Google plus page image profile found.
image_backgroundStringThe Google plus page image background found.
viewsLongThe Google plus page image number of views.
followersLongThe Google plus page image number of followers.
urlStringThe Google Plus URL page, normally is the respective website URL.
introductionStringThe Google plus page text introduction found.
taglineStringThe Google plus page text tagline found.
linkedBooleanIf the Google plus page is a certified one.
info_foundIntegerNumber of informations found on the respective Google Plus page. Each key that not return null is counted in this key.