A JSON which checks the HTTP website security like cookies, xss protection and so on. If the website HTTP could not be checked then returns nul

gradeStringFinal grade assessed upon a completed scan.
scoreIntegerFinal score from the test.
stateStringThe state returned from the security test, can be finished or aborted or failed.
tests_failedIntegerIndicating the number of tests which failed.
tests_passedIntegerIndicating the number of tests which passed.
tests_quantityIntegerNumber of tests executed.
expectationStringThe expectation of what the test need to return.
nameStringCurrent test name.
outputObjectArtifacts related to the test.
dataObjectThe data found inside each test content, like the cache that the website has and the factor is testing.
????ObjectOther values under output key have another keys that may vary.
passStringWhether the test passed or failed; a test that meets or exceeds the expectation will be marked as passed.
resultStringResult of the test.
score_descriptionStringShort description describing what result means.
idIntegerTest ID.
score_modifierStringHow much the result of the test affected the final score; should range between +5 and -50.